Students thrive when
learning is blended
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The Blended Practice Profile is an assessment tool used to gauge a teacher's understanding and application of blended learning. Our personalized assessment is built upon a research-backed framework and aligned to national standards.
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    Teachers take a diagnostic covering six blended domains: Instruction, Professional Responsibilities, Technology, Planning & Preparation,Curriculum and Instructional Design.


    Every teacher receives immediate and personalized feedback, providing a valuable assessment of blended instruction and pedagogy.


    Administrators empowered with reporting that may be used to drive PD, make funding decisions or simply assess readiness for blended initiatives.


The Blended Practice Profile is derived from Oliver's Framework for Blended Instruction© - a framework that has been validated by national focus groups and subject matter experts. Since the Blended Practice Profile has been tested for reliability through national focus groups and item analysis, you can be confident in the results.

The Blended Practice Profile provides a medium for all stakeholders to establish a common understanding blended pedagogy.

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  • "The Blended Profile is the ideal way to understand how blended your district is, and gives a detailed analysis tied to national standards. Because it's based on a validated, research-based framework, I know I can be confident in the results."

    Randall DennisRanda Solutions
  • "With mastery of core development skills and accountability being in the forefront of determining proficiencies, I was delighted to see educators could create a personalized development plan based on competences. The process isn't intimidating- so you can focus on reviewing best practices around the globe."

    Tai ChapmanNASBE